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About PlotTwist

The PlotTwist Shiny app plots the data and statistics of time-dependent measurements (or other continuous data, such as spectra). The philosophy of the approach is that plotting the raw traces (instead of a summary) improves transparency and interpretation. To further facilitate the comparison, summary statistics (mean) and inferential statistics (confidence intervals) can be added. The user has full control over the visibility of the raw data and statistics by adjustment of the transparency (alpha).

The data can be supplied in spreadsheet/long format (e.g. by copy-pasting from excel). Multiple file upload is supported and can be used to upload data from different conditions.

The data is converted into tidy format to enable plotting with ggplot2. Direct import of tidy data is not supported yet. For more information on the conversion of spreadsheet data to tidy data see this blog.

The plot can be saved as a PDF file, which can be opened and edited with Adobe Illustrator to allow for fine adjustments of the lay-out.


The code for the shiny app is partially derived from ggplotGUI by Gert Stulp
The colorblind safe palletes were developed by Paul Tol.

PlotTwist (Plotting Time-dependent data With Indication of the STimulus) is created and maintained by Joachim Goedhart (@joachimgoedhart) and Marten Postma