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About VolcaNoseR

The VolcaNoseR web app is a dedicated tool for exploring and plotting Volcano Plots. Users can explore the data with a pointer (cursor) to see information of individual datapoints. The threshold for the effect size (fold change) or significance can be dynamically adjusted. The plot can be annotated to show genes/proteins based on their top ranking or based on user input. More details about the VolcaNoseR app can be found in our publication

The plot can be saved as a PNG file or a PDF file, which can be opened and edited with Adobe Illustrator to allow for fine adjustments of the lay-out.


VolcaNoseR is created and maintained by Joachim Goedhart and Martijn Luijsterburg
Bug reports and feature requests can be communicated in several ways:


Source code is available at github/JoachimGoedhart
Please cite our publication if you use the app: "VolcaNoseR is a web app for creating, exploring, labeling and sharing volcano plots" - doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-76603-3


There are several Shiny apps for Volcano plots that have served as a source of inspiration:

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